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Snow removal



First we plough large roads and roads with public transport. The walking and bike paths that lead to bus stops and the centre are also among the first areas to be ploughed.

More information about snow ploughing

  • For roads with at least one pavement, one side is kept clean from snow, and snow is collected on the other side. For roads without pavements, the snow is ploughed so that snow banks are formed on both sides of the road. 
  • The remaining snow banks, at crossings and driveways, are removed a few days after the snowfall. The snow is moved away only if it is essential from an accessibility and traffic-security viewpoint.
  • Regional cycle tracks, such as the bike paths from the Old Lidingö Bridge to Islingeviken in the northand to AGA Dalenum in the southwest, are ploughed when the snow is approximately three to five centimetres deep.
  • The main roads are salted, while other roads, walking and cycle paths, and lightly trafficked roads are sanded with crushed stone.


When taking care of the roads in winter, the snow ploughs can sometimes cause damage, for example, to mailboxes and fences. The driver is obliged to contact the property owner. To make the roads more accessible for snow ploughs, property owners ought to, for example, remove branches and similar items that may obstruct pavements and roads.


For the snow removal to be as effective as possible, you must follow special parking rules between December the 1st and the 30th of April.


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