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Public transport and boat traffic

The easiest way to get to Lidingö is on the metro's red line to Ropsten. From there, several bus lines take you over the bridge.

Stockholm Public Transport (SL) has bus routes covering the entire island of Lidingö. It is easy to plan your trip using SL's online journey planner.
A ferry also goes from the southern part of the island to Stockholm. If you have a boat of your own, you can contact the Culture and Recreation Department to be put in the queue for a berth in Lidingö. Both the Bosö båtklubb and Käppala båtsällskap marinas have guest berths.


Technical Services Department
Customer Service
Tel: 08-731 33 03
Telephone hours: Weekdays, 8.30 am to 4 pm
Fax: 08-731 34 34
E-mail: kundtjanst

Culture and Recreation Department
Tel: 08-731 30 00
E-mail: kultur.fritid

Käppala båtsällskap
Tel: 08-766 40 10

Bosö båtklubb
Tel: 08-767 99 86

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