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Municipal health care

All Swedish councils are required by law to offer good health care within the council's responsibility areas. The council's health care does not include doctors. The person responsible for the quality of the council's health care is the nurse practitioner.  

Lidingö City Council is responsible for the health care for you living in sheltered housing for older people living in housing with special services participating in day services or work experience for disabled.

For older people living in sheltered housing the council is also responsible for occupational therapy and aids. The sheltered housing includes care homes, short-term accommodation and service flats.

Stockholm County Council is responsible for all other areas of health care

These areas are

  • hospital care
  • dental care
  • primary health care
  • home nursing
  • specialist care.

Find health centres on Lidingö

Choose your healthcare provider on Vårdguiden.external link



Joséphine Orling
Medically responsible nurse
Tel: 08-731 31 75
E-mail: josephine.orling
Telephone hours: Weekdays 8am-16pm

Further information

Information and advice about your municipal care
Call 1177

Information in multiple languages
Finding your way around the health care systemexternal link

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