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Mental illness

You can apply for support if you suffer from long-term mental ill health and find it difficult to manage your everyday life. The support could be personal support in your home, adapted housing or a meaningful occupation. 

Most of the support we offer is distributed after means tests. These services are meant for those with serious and long-term mental illnesses that are an obstacle in their everyday life. Other services are open for those who wish, such as Freja meeting point.

What kind of support can I get?

In the links below, you can read more about the different support efforts we offer. You can also find out more about how to apply and other useful information in the links following this text. The information is only available in Swedish. If you would like further information in English please contact the Care and Social Services Department.


Decision necessary
Support at home (only in Swedish)
Adapted homes for the mentally illopens in new window (only in Swedish)
Work and work experience for the mentally ill (only in Swedish)


No decision necessary
Freja meeting point (only in Swedish)
Outreach programme (only in Swedish)

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