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If you are disabled you can get support to live as independently as possible and actively participate in society. Our aim is that you should be given the opportunity to lead a full life.

The support you can read about on these pages is distributed after means tests according to the Act concerning Support and Service for Persons with Certain Functional Impairments. You can also apply for support according to the Social Services Act. Please contact us for more information.

Local  transportation services

You are entitled to transportation services if you have a disability that makes it impossible for you to use public transportation such as buses, trains and the metro. If you wish to apply for transportation services you need to start by sending us a medical certificate. Please send it to: Lidingö stad, omsorgs- och stödförvaltningen, Anita Beckman, 181 82 Lidingö.

When we have received your certificate, we will send you the application form. The city's transportation service handling officer will appraise your matter, after which the transportation service committee will make the decision. You can contact the handling officer by calling 08-731 31 24.

National transportation services

You can also apply for national transportation services if you are travelling outside of Stockholm county and your disability will cause you increased journey expenses. You apply with the city's aid reviewer who makes the decision. The aid reviewer also looks into which travel option is the least expensive one, and if you need a travelling companion or an attendant. You will need a medical certificate to apply for national transportation services.


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