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Family counselling

The family counselling is open for couples, parents and families who need help in different matters concerning their lives together. You can be anonymous. We do not keep records of your visits.

Some of the problems you can seek counselling for are

  • relationships within the family
  • conflicts within the family
  • support through difficult periods
  • parentage
  • thoughts of divorce
  • custody and access to the children.

The cost is 500 SEK per 90 minute visit. If you fail to show up or cancel less than 24 hours before your visit you will be charged.

You should be offered an appointment for your first visit within three weeks after first contacting the family counselling centre.

You can choose between Lidingö City Council´s own family counselling centre and SöderstödAB´s privately run family counselling centre. SöderstödAB is a contractor to the council. The contact information is to your right.


Lidingö city Council´s family counselling
Herserudsvägen 5a, 5 tr
181 33 Lidingö
Tel: 08-731 37 87
Telephonehours: Mon 4pm-5pm, wed 8am-9am, fri 1pm-2pm

Söderstöd AB familjerådgivning
Timmermansgatan 32
118 55 Stockholm
Kanalvägen 15 (RoslagsNäsby)
183 30 Täby
Tel: 08-702 20 89
Telephonehours: Weekdays 7.45 am- 5 pm

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