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Sports and exercise

Friskis och svettis


Lidingö has many sports facilities:
  • Lidingövallen is the city´s main arena, with artificial grass, a track- and -field area, and a gym.
  • Gångsätra Hall has an indoor pool, a sports hall, an exercise centre, and a gym.
  • Bosön has a multi-sports hall, a pool, a gym, a sports hall, a martial-arts hall, and an indoor track.
  • Bodal and Kyrkviken both have tennis halls.
  • The Danske Bank hall and Danske Invest hall have rinks for ice hockey and figure skating.
  • Bodal also has a bowling alley, Lidingö Superbowl.

Trails and paths

Lidingö has a number of different trails and paths, making it easy to get exercise and spend time in the good outdoors.
  • Bike paths (click for a map of bike paths)
  • Mountain bike trails
  • Health trails
  • Jogging trails
  • Lidingölopp trails
  • Horse trails
  • Nordic-pole walking trails
  • Ski trails


Lidingöloppet is the world´s largest cross-country race. In addition to the 15-kilometre and 30-kilometre variants, there is also Knatteloppet and Lilla Lidingöloppet for kids and youth. Tjejloppet is a 10-kilometre race for women of all ages,and Lidingöruset is for people with disabilities. There is also a relay race and organized Nordic-pole walking.


When weather allows, there are a number of trails for skiing. For maps and information about the trails, visit www.skidspar.seexternal link (only in Swedish).


If you are interested in skating, there are a few rinks you can go to.
  • Grönstaviken is ploughed by Friluftsfrämjandet. For more information, contact them at 08-767 39 07 or visit their website.external link
  • Kottla Lake is popular among nature-lovers.
  • By Kyrkviken, water is poured onto the lawn, making an ice rink.
  • Isbiten is an artificially frozen skating rink by Sticklinge School.


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