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Outdoor life

Nature reserve

All of Lake Kottla and the open farming landscape at Elfvikslandet are part of the Långängen-Elfvik nature reserve. Dogs must be on a leash at all times except for on Elfvikslandet.
Kappsta is a recreational area that is also interesting from a historical perspective because the diplomat Raoul Wallenberg was born there.
Visitors here are not allowed to break off branches, dig up plants, disturb wildlife, make fires unless it is in a designated area, take a dog (or other pet) unless it is on a leash, or disturb with radios, engines or in any other way. In Kappsta, you cannot ride horses, camp, or ride a bicycle,and boats are allowed to drop anchor for only two days.

Playgrounds and parks

We are constantly maintaining and improving approximately 30 playgrounds, which are equally distributed over the island . We are responsible for the safety at all the play areas located on our land.

Fire pits and wind shelters

If you make a fire, you are also responsible for extinguishing it. You are also responsible for disposing your trash properly. Map of fire pits in Lidingö

Trail and paths

See Sports and exercise.

Riding school

The riding school in Stockby holds courses in both Stockby and Elfvik.


You can fish with a fishing rodanda casting rod almost anywhere in Lidingö, with a few exceptions. The city advises people not to fish in Lake Kottla, because the legal situation is still not clear.

Swimming areas

Surrounded by water, Lidingö has lots of places to swim in the outdoors.
Fågelöuddebadet is a long s and y beach with a diving tower, a café, fire pits,and a mini-golf course. Toilet facilities are available. Take bus 204 towards Elfvik. Bus 233 goes all the way to the nearby parking lot. There are two parking lots. The one farther away is best for those, for example, with a wheelchair, bicycle or pram.

Södergarnsbadet has both s and(beach) and grass. Toilet facilities are available. Take bus 204 or 212 towards Rudboda.

A lovely s and y beach is at Sticklingebadet/Sandviksbadet, far out on northern Sticklinge. No washroom facilities are available. This is the final stop of bus 205 from Ropsten or Lidingö Centre.

Käppalabadet is an open-air swimming area with cliffs and beaches. Toilet facilities are available. Take the Lidingö train to the Käppala stop.

In Lake Kottla (Kottlasjön), you can take a swim in fresh water amidst cliffs. There is a tiny beach on the lake´s western and southern areas. Toilet facilities are available. Bus 201 travels to Kottla.


Questions about
outdoor life
Culture and Recreation Department
Tel: 08-731 30 00
E-mail: kultur.fritid

Questions about parks & nature reserve
Technical Services Department
Nature and Park Division
Tel: 08-731 30 00
E-mail: teknik

Questions about riding
Stockby Riding School
Tel: 08-767 42 00
Telephone hours: Monday to Friday, 10am to 12pm;
Tuesday, 8.15pm to 9.15pm

Questions about hunting
Technical Services Department
Tel: 08-731 33 03
E-mail: teknik

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