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Vision and strategic objectives provide direction

In order to provide a clear framework for long-term decision-making, the city council adopted a vision and five strategic objectives for the City of Lidingö in June 2009.

Vision for Lidingö - the Healthy Island

  • In Lidingö people are provided with the conditions necessary for good health.
  • Lidingö offers a creative environment for people and businesses.
  • Lidingö is part of the Stockholm region and manages to maintain the right balance between development and the environment.
  • Lidingö hosts the best schools in Sweden.
  • In Lidingö, one feels secure in all stages of life.

Strategic objectives

  • Lidingö residents experience the greatest possible freedom of choice.
  • The services the City offers are characterised by a strong customer focus and are based on the needs and wishes of the residents of Lidingö.
  • The City of Lidingö has the smallest possible impact on the environment, and provides the residents of Lidingö with the means to make choices that are good for the environment.
  • The City of Lidingö is committed to continuous renewal in order to maximise benefits for the residents of Lidingö.
  • The City of Lidingö uses tax-payer's money effectively and economically.

Financial target

  • The City of Lidingö has healthy finances, based on a low rate of municipal tax. The City aims to record a financial surplus amounting to one percent of costs.


Anna Rheyneuclaudes Kihlman (M)
Chairman of the Municipal Executive Board
Tel: 08-731 30 50
E-post: Anna Rheyneuclaudes Kihlman

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